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Buildings, in the way I imagine them, are like people. They weather and age; take on characters and personalities. I like to think they grow as fond of us as we do of them. Buildings carry secrets, hide things, have soft chewy centers.

This building, the one I live in now, would be me I think, in a building population, a city scape of souls. My one of a kind pile of bricks probably had tattoos in it’s youth; a little graf here and there, windows that didn’t match their panes. This, unstable and wildly eccentric set of stones, most likely had unlikely aspirations, perhaps was ahead of the curve and a little rebellious.

The Refinery, a warehouse conversion in central Johannesburg is a collection of multi-story New York style loft apartments. I have neighbors with 3 story subterranean units, and 2 story sky penthouses; in between which, is my double volume, double story, black and white face brick beauty. It’s the first apartment that I have owned myself, and it represents an evolution; a coming of age.

A little like me, the space needed some work. It has solid structural features like double volume warehouse windows, and concrete floors with hardwood islands, but also one or two additions that were better served removed like the chipboard built in cupboards and the mustard tarpaulin blinds.

Having moved from New York City, back into my parent’s house after completing my Masters at Parsons School of Design, this building was my first foray into ‘you’re on your own’ adult life. I bought, reclaimed, and DIY’d every piece of furniture in it; hand stained the dining room table, the bed, the wine rack and the mirrors. Hand sanded the storage lockers, the dining benches and replastered the holes in the walls. I spent months scouring auction houses, salvage yards and online sales to match even the most intimate aspects of my sense of self, with an inanimate object that best represents it. I had amassed quite a collection of things gathering dust in my parents’ garage in the months it took the sale to go through, and I couldn’t be completely sure that everything would go together coherently, but with a hope and a prayer I kept buying.

The homes I grew up in owned by my family had always been full to the brim with things. Much like my interracial parents, the homes were a mix of juxtaposed ideas, time periods and styles. A competition of ideals in tangible things. Antiques in every corner and china on every wall. A heady mix of Georgian antiquities and ‘ethnographic artefacts’ from across the continent, came together in a majorly maximalist way in all of their spaces; my room however, was a black and white Belle Époque style space with French bed set and charcoal wall, a gross deviation from the rest of the house according to 16 year old me. 25 year old me, however, in my new home, vowed never to lean that far away from myself. I instead erred on the side of abject minimalism. My walls are bare, shelves all but empty, and for the first time in my life, it just feels just right.

Buildings, much like people, need space to breathe. I, in particular, require more than my fair share of oxygen, and based on the height of my ceilings and the way the light radiates off my newly painted white walls, it seems my apartment does too. A blank canvas with very little built in, the space has become a puzzle piece, a Jenga tower to build and rebuild and rearrange at a whim, and that suits me just fine. I no longer take my anxiety out on my fingernails, instead when 3am hits and I get itchy, I have a wonderland of furniture to move around, repaint or stain. My home, this house, is a therapy, a cure.

#InspiredByNYFW | TRESemme

TRESemmé is the hair care sponsor for NYFW for the 18th season. They sponsor several designer shows including Carolina Herrera, Alice & Olivia, Jonathan Simkai and many more. The TRESemmé styling team is an all-female team led by hairstylist to the stars, Justine Marjan and this year it included talented local hairstylist Ceecee Mabaso.


Every season, a few hair trends come out of New York Fashion Week, that give us a glimpse into what we can expect to hit our shores. This season my favourite looks were mostly featured on white women, and so made it difficult for me to relate. I always find it tricky when it comes to runway shows that don't have adequate representation, to find beauty looks and trends that suit and appeal to my natural curl hair look. Thankfully, TRESemme makes two ranges specifically that work wonders on natural hair. The first of course is the Botanique range that is all about moisture and nourishment, and the second, which is my personal fav for big hair slayage, is the Beauty-Full Volume Range.


The Beauty-Full Volume range: The range is formulated to gently cleanse the hair removing excess weight to give it a light bounce and volume. The range is also safe for colour treated hair. Beauty – Full volume is specifically formulated for the reverse regime, which delivers the same amount of volume as market leading salon volume variants without compromising on smoothness and bounce. The range contains a unique set of patented blend of polymers known as the Fleximax volumisers. These allow the creation of volume whilst leaving the hair soft and touchable. Due to its unique formulation, washing with TRESemmé Beauty-full volume means your hair still gets all the moisturising benefits of using conditioner but you're not left with hair that is weighted, (think greasy feeling). Below is a step by step guide to how I achieve my big hair bounce, inspired by the natural hair looks I saw on the TRESemme #InspiredByNYFW runway.


Achieving the look: Steps to follow

It is so easy to achieve these salon-quality looks at home. On a day to do day basis, I use the Botanique range for moisture and nourishment, but on days when I want a little extra volume, I turn to the Beauty-Full Volume range. To achieve voluminous bounce, follow the steps below.

1)     Start by washing with the Beauty-Full Volume reverse Conditioning and Shampooing system. The bottles are labled luckily, in case you forget to condition first and THEN shampoo.


2)     I brush my wet curls out with a wide paddle brush because it's more gentle than combing. Once you've brushed and detangled, apply the Flexi Serum, step 3 in the range, and then spray your hair generously with the Heat Defence spray. Heat Defence Styling Spray: this spray is designed to prevent any heat damage, protect the hair from temperatures of up to 230 degrees.


3)     Blow dry your hair with a diffuser to reduce frizz, and then using an afro pick or afro comb, gently lift your curls from the root to give that full bodied look to your style. Finish off by spraying your completed look with the Setting Spray and you're ready to go! TRESemmé Firm Hold Hairspray: The spray has a fast-drying formula that work in humid or damp conditions and will hold your style together all day.



Photography x Anthony Bila

Be Delicious Gin Cocktail | Recipe

Spring is here and Summer just behind it, that means cocktail season is already in full swing! Inspired by the fresh scent of DKNY Be Delicious, I came up with an easy cocktail recipe that could easily be non-alcoholic if you so choose, to usher in the new season. Green is my favorite accent colour, and those of you who know me well, know that it’s the official colour of vegans, not to mention the Pantone official colour of 2017, fitting right!


This recipe is very simple and requires only 5 mins prep time, four ingredients, and a fancy glass of your liking.



½ English Cucumber

5 Whole Large Green Apples

3 Shots of your Favorite Gin

1 Sprig of Mint

Serves 4

Chop your cucumber into chunks or long halves, chop your apples into halves and be sure to wash the Mint before using.


Feed the ingredients into your juicer carefully, but in no particular order and watch the elixir come out the other side. Make sure you have a large enough jug to catch the juice as it comes out, we don’t want to waste a drop! It will come out with a foamy layer on top, that’s just residual fiber, but if you want, you can siv your juice for a smooth finish.

Pour your 3 shots into the jug, I used Inverroche for a hint of local flavor, and stir with a handful of ice. Your Be Delicious cocktail is now ready to serve!


Enjoy this refreshing taste of Spring with friends, family, or alone with a cheeky magazine!