Be Delicious Gin Cocktail | Recipe

Spring is here and Summer just behind it, that means cocktail season is already in full swing! Inspired by the fresh scent of DKNY Be Delicious, I came up with an easy cocktail recipe that could easily be non-alcoholic if you so choose, to usher in the new season. Green is my favorite accent colour, and those of you who know me well, know that it’s the official colour of vegans, not to mention the Pantone official colour of 2017, fitting right!


This recipe is very simple and requires only 5 mins prep time, four ingredients, and a fancy glass of your liking.



½ English Cucumber

5 Whole Large Green Apples

3 Shots of your Favorite Gin

1 Sprig of Mint

Serves 4

Chop your cucumber into chunks or long halves, chop your apples into halves and be sure to wash the Mint before using.


Feed the ingredients into your juicer carefully, but in no particular order and watch the elixir come out the other side. Make sure you have a large enough jug to catch the juice as it comes out, we don’t want to waste a drop! It will come out with a foamy layer on top, that’s just residual fiber, but if you want, you can siv your juice for a smooth finish.

Pour your 3 shots into the jug, I used Inverroche for a hint of local flavor, and stir with a handful of ice. Your Be Delicious cocktail is now ready to serve!


Enjoy this refreshing taste of Spring with friends, family, or alone with a cheeky magazine!